Sacred Trees


« Les conseils d’un arbre :
Tenez-vous debout et fier.
Ancrez vos racines dans la terre.
Appréciez votre beauté naturelle.
Allez sur une branche.
Buvez beaucoup d’eau.
N’oubliez pas vos racines.
Profitez de la vue. » – Ilan Shamir

« Sacred trees hold a message in silence. It is a steam of consciousness that can be tapped. It is not unlike the quietness of the painter and the stillness inside the notes of a composer. It is a sympathy with something grand outside of the human fold, a voice that transcends time and is heard down into the marrow of the bones. Sacred trees are teachers. they enter and become the melody of the mind in passages of remembrance. They are a landscape in a hidden world. The world which will receive no physical human entry, only that which is invisible. The mind and its fruits of meditation flow into and out of these trees. That is why they were sacred and remain so. » – Diana Beresford Kroeger


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